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Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape

-[Made in Vietnam] VPTAPE is manufactured in Vietnam, and solely distributed by VP Distributions. Manufacturer is certified with ISO 90001:2015 and ROHS2 Compliant to ensure quality and environmental protection.

-[Solvent free-environmentally friendly] VPTAPE is formulated with acrylic polymers and generally has a longer life and it is more environmentally friendly. It is noted for being especially skin sensitive, thanks to the polyacrylate adhesive, which is water-based and 100 percent solvent-free.

-[Quickly Wrap Large and Heavy Boxes] Strong Acrylic Tape is light enough to easily wrap boxes of any size (small, medium and large). It is the strongest tape for warehouse packaging, moving, shipping, carton sealing, transport, and general-purpose wrapping. This moving and packing tape is very easy to use and it will always come in handy.

-[High Durability] VPTAPE is highly durable and can withstand different environmental conditions.

- [Multipurpose Packaging Tape] VPTAPE can be used for shipping and mailing, organizing household items, and for any other duty that one expects from a multipurpose packaging tape This tape has a high-quality transparent film and very strong glue to help you have a better experience. Also with its transparent film, it does not obstruct the barcodes or logos underneath.


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Model Size Color Roll/Case G.Weight Buy 10 get 1 Free/Case 90 Case/ Pallet Order Qty(case)
220C 2 inch Clear 36 22 lbs 39$ 34$
220T 2 inch Tan 36 22 lbs 39$ 34$
330C 3 inch Clear 24 22 lbs 39$ 34$
330T 3 inch Tan 24 22 lbs 39$ 34$
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